Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seasonally Fresh!! New product/food Launch


With the recent purchase of Route 40 Soup Company, I've decided to at the same time launch a new food product to sell and Feature at the Farmer's Markets this summer.

I am so excited to be launching this together with our soups.
I want this to be a tribute to all of our local suppliers, growers and farmer's markets here in Alberta and Calgary.

What can you expect from this new food product?
Fresh, Local and cooked according to what is in season. Don't expect to find the exact same thing every time. That's what makes this so exciting. We have so many food products, produce and supplies available to us, I want to take full advantage of them all.

What and who is this product for?
This will be available to anyone who is interested in supporting local growers and producers. Fresh, Organic, local salads, appetizers, meals and desserts packaged ready for you the consumer to purchase, take home and enjoy.

My mind is spinning right now with recipes, ideas and ways to market this new product.

I am really proud to now have the chance to be a part of a wonderful group of people who work really hard, who stand by their product and who are willing to bring all of this to you the consumer at the local farmer's markets. What an opportunity!! This is my way of saying Thanks to all of them. Of producing recipes that feature their products so you can also enjoy!!

Here's to cooking Seasonally Fresh!!!

And here's to seeing you all at the markets this summer :)

Tell me what types of things you'd be interested in seeing in our
Seasonally Fresh Product Launch...I am all ears!!

Until we cook again

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  1. salsa!
    gluten free stuff :) id be there every day